Course Summary

Time Management: Step By Step

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Welcome and Getting Started

Introduction to Time Management
Getting Additional Help

Choosing Your Time Tools

What Tools Will I Need?
Print vs Software Tools
General Factors When Choosing Software
Choosing a Task Management System
Choosing a Contact Management System
Choosing a Calendar
Choosing a Notes System
Choosing a Time Tracker
Make Your Choices
Garland's 2021 Productivity Tools Lineup
UpNote Note Taking App Review

Planning Your Work

Time for Planning
What is Your REAL Job?
Identifying Your Work Categories
Set Blocks of Time for Each Category
Time Blocking Template
Google Calendar Time Blocking
Carousal Method for Projects
Goals & Outcome Setting
Goal Setting Mind Map
Power of Outlining
Mind Mapping for Planning & Brainstorming
MindMeister Review
Time Management Skills Mind Map
Sample Mind Map Brainstorming Session
Should I Go Into Work Early?

Reducing Distractions

Introduction to Reducing Distractions
Why Time Tracking is Critical to Success
Reducing Email Distractions
Social Media & App Distractions
People Interruptions
Telephone Distractions
Is Your Screen-Time Causing You to Fail?

Creating Focus

Taming Your Monkey Mind
Getting Everything Out of Your Head
How Batching Tasks Gets More Done
Using a Countdown Timer to Maintain Focus
Discipline & Willpower
Creating a "Power Hour"
Change Your Time Attitude
Avoiding Fake News with Feedly
How to Work When You Aren't in the Mood
Create a Personal Knowledge Base

Handling Tasks Effectively

Analyzing Tasks
How to Prioritize Tasks
Visualizing and Organizing Your Tasks
The Power of Checklists
The Two Minute Rule
Should I Go Paperless?
Telephone Time Tips
How Asking "Why" Improves Productivity
What is Your First Step?
Punctuality and Productivity: are they related?
Every Day You Are Killing Your Dream

Delegating Effectively

Intro to Delegating Effectively
Task Analysis Before Delegating
Delegating Best Practices
25 Tasks to Delegate Today
Why Delegation Fails
Hiring vs Outsourcing
Fast Lazy Content Creation
Employee Training: Online Courses vs Other Methods
How to Clone Yourself
Delegation Checklist

Inbox Zero Email Mastery

Welcome to Inbox Zero
Stopping Email Interruptions
Going from Messy Inbox to Efficient Work Space
Sorting Your Inbox Daily
What to Do With Each Email
Dumping Unneeded Emails
Delegating Emails
Deferring Email
Finishing Most Important Emails First
Email Handling and Reply Tips
Email Replies in Seconds Using Text Expanders
Second Priority Level Emails
Stop Digital Filing and Embrace Search
Handling Reading/Resource Emails
Reduce Email With Task Management Systems
Reducing Customer Emails With Support Ticket Systems
How to Use Email Filters to Save Time
Best Practices for Internal Email
Outsource Your Email with Virtual Assistants

Effective Meetings

Introduction to Effective Meetings
The Importance of an Agenda
Having the Right People at the Meeting
Set Ground Rules
Prepare Reports Before Meeting
Capturing Meeting Notes
Start on Time
Getting People Involved
Keep Them on Track
Create an Action Plan
Don't Ask "Is There Anything Else?"
End on Time
Meeting Followup
Online Meetings
Controversial Topics
Creating an Agenda using Mind Mapping

Automating Your Work

The Importance of Automation
Getting Started with Automation
Automating With Text Expanders
17 Keyboard Shortcuts for Productivity

Work/Life Balance

Introduction to Work/Life Balance
Work/Life Balance Steps 1-5
Work/Life Balance Steps 6-8
Step 9: Learn to Play Again
Steps 10-14
Steps 15 to Finish

Student Time Tips

Student Time Planning
Creating Focus for Students
Learning Tips for Students